Ya! How dare you ____ Yuri!!

Yuri’s outfit just magically changed from the black one that I posted earlier to this? hmm Or did she dance with him again?

Anyway… Yo, if you don’t know the culture, learn it. Touching idol’s body is already too much, now you kiss her?!?! You even want a return kiss? Ya, this dude comes from lalaland.

The rest of the cuts with the girls and 2PM’s JoKwon

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2 Responses to “Ya! How dare you ____ Yuri!!”

  1. ladykisser_nea says:

    when i watch this vid of yuri,i got angry and i dont know why.
    lol,jessica was like “why did you kiss my kwon seobang?!”
    jessica seems very jealous,lol

  2. kimmiemai says:

    I think we get influenced by Korean idol fans. Cuz I realize I’m a lot more protective and sensitive of these girls in comparing to like Chinese/Taiwanese/HK/Viet favorites. LOL!! It’s the culture.

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