Yuri is really innocent…

I’m not being sarcastic, I mean it. Yuri’s so gullible. Why so cute, Yuri!! 

Yuri: Ah, this one is, um, never mind.

KSY: Why? Let’s see. Hm, it says “Yuri, I have nothing to say, but I lov, um love you. And when we’re at the car, please don’t put your feet up because it stinks. Though your toe dancing is cute!” (fans laugh)

Yuri: I know who wrote this! It’s our manager oppa. He wrote it for fun!

Taeng: Wow, he’s being active.

KSY: I guess so. Don’t put your feet up because it stinks, well…(laugh)

Yuri: (almost crying) No, my feet don’t stink! Our family doesn’t have feet smell congenitally! (fans laugh)

KSY: Haha, your family?

Yuri: (to her mother) Mom, we don’t, right? (fans laugh)

Yoona: Yuri cannot stand this sort of joke. (fans yelled) Well, joke is a joke. One day, manager oppa said “We should’ve cut Yuri and started SNSD.”, and Yuri was like “Oppa, are you serious?” and asked other members “Do you think like that, too?” (laugh)

KSY: OK, it was Yuri whose feet stinks and possesses black skin. (laugh)

Cr: 1st Official Fan-Meeting |  itnw0628 @ twitter

And another one…

KSY: And, what’s this. “Yuri unnie took too much space!”

Tiff: (giggling) Yuri wrote “Sorry. I used too much space. Please don’t be too mean to me. It’s my mistake.”

Cr: 1st Official Fan-Meeting |  itnw0628 @ twitter

I can totally imagine her aplogetic face. God, she’s my goddess!!!!!!! I just adore this girl~

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