“Fashion King” – More on Yuri’s Character

[Fashion King] What I got so far about Choi Anna (very roughly)…

Anna (Kwon Yuri)
is an attractive young designer. She and Jaehyuk (Lee Jehoon) used  to be an item but they were forced to seperate by Jaehyuk’s side. Anna then went to the U.S. to work in the fashion industry where she had  to fight her way against discriminations and they finally accepted her  there. She got to work under a world-famous designer and tried to use her position as a way to the top but it wasn’t easy.

Anna and Jaehyuk met again in the U.S. and were offered to work  together. Even it was paindul for her to work with him, she determined  to get him back, so she had accepted the offer. It seemed like a new start for the couple but Jaehyuk resisted. All he cared about now was Gayoung (Shin Sekyung). Out of desperation, Anna turned to Younggul (Yoo Ah-in) and ended up falling for him.

The synopsis is too long for me to even try -_-

Source: DCinside / tamatron@twitter

Anna doesn’t sound spoiled or obnoxious as I expected. That’s a plus! But uhm, Anna leaves for the US, does it mean she’s fluent in English or at least is required to speak in English at one point or another? lol!! …  Oh my god Yuri! She must be freaking out! haha!

I guess now I need translation Younggul’s storyline, since he supposes to like Gayoung too. I want someone to love Anna too……. I’ll love her.

Based on this story line, Anna might not show up as much at the beginning since she’s away in US, while the other 3 build their relationship in Korea?  Can’t tell how they’ll pace the drama… I hope for something quick, love at first sight for instance so Yuri can appear as soon as possible.

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