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[Fanaccount] Last minute trip

I was planning to skip SMTOWN this year, because I already saw the last 2. Plus, I wanted to save up for SNSD’s solo concert. The Google concert with a more variety of singers changed my mind. I wanted to see SNSD and WONDER GIRLS on the same stage. On Sunday, I knew I won Google tickets and booked everything for the coming week. Lol

Garden Grove

We arrived Friday night, went to a late dinner with a friend’s friend. I was so well fed during this trip, because we were in Vietnamese area! Yummyyyy!

The main point was still SMTOWN, well… SNSD. Next morning, Saturday, I bumped into Suju and Max the moment I stepped out of the elevator. Only if running into TAENG was half as easy. They went for breakfast at Hyatt. Exo also came down for breakfast afterward, my LuHan and SeHun were together! They took a shuttle to Disneyland, having a little fun while promoting….lol

My friend and I hung out in the lobby for awhile but decided to leave for breakfast and would come back in time for Taeng, Fany and Seobaby’s check-in. We rushed back after eating when we heard SooYoung was having breakfast at the lobby too. I asked fans there if SooYoung left, but they didn’t see her. Didn’t matter because I turned around and there went Sooyoung! I went with my instinct and asked what I was concerned most: “Is Yuri coming?” She just smiled and left with her two unnies. But yeyyy, my first SNSD of the day!

Don’t quite remember the order the artistes I saw. Luna was one of them, which I didn’t recognize until another fan told me afterward. Apparently she isn’t quite photogenic, she looked so much more beautiful in real life. She shook a fan’s hand. I was about to reach out to shake her hand too, I mean she was heading toward me, might as well. Unfortunately, the staff directed her to the door on the left, and she turned before I got to do. So close. lol

There was also the JUNG SISTERS. They came out of the elavator hand in hand. Jessica was really happy, she even waved! I got a really good fancam on my phone, which I dropped in toilet…

So where are TTS? We didn’t want to go to the airport, because I barely got to see much of them at previous airport experiences, while people stayed back got a better chance at it. Fail decision. I waited for a long time, 3 hours or so, no TTS. Someone eventually tweeted photos of Taeng at the hotel too. What?! The fans occupied the lobby, how could they escaped? How?!

My friend and I gave up and left for the washroom. If you follow twitter, you knew Taeng waved to fans from her room. I was in the lady’s room at the time. Failed!

I later learnt Taeng used the back door, waste disposal area.  I felt so sorry for them! I believe Hyatt got complains by other guests for the noise, which was understandable. Hyatt was quite large in comparing to the previous Sheraton. They held conference, some sort of fair, wedding, etc. It wasn’t appropriate to have fans laying on floor and such. I was surprised they didn’t ask for room card at first.

It was a different scene when my friend and I returned from dinner on Saturday though. They cleaned out the whole lobby, even hotel guests couldn’t stay back. They also rearranged all the coaches, removed as much of it as possible. lol Fans (guests or not) both lined up outside. I joined them for a brief moment, saw F(x) came in. It was funny; four of them were girly and quickly walked into hotel. A minute later Amber came out carrying this gallon size juice bottle on one hand and something else on the other… All manly! LMAO!


On Sunday, someone saw Sooyoung coming out of the hotel. There must be a back door! My friend joined a few fans there, came right in time to see the JUNG SISTERS! Exo, F(x), Suju left one after another, while SooYoung came back. We wave, and she waved back at us!

WHERE IS TAEYEONNIEEEEE?!? The sun was burning me.

Eventually SNSD came outttttttttttttt!!!! To be honest, my eyes automatically scanned for Taeyeon and found her. She wavedddddddd all cute at us. Did she see my huge SOSHIFIED tee? I bet she did! I want to believe she did, so please don’t doubt me! LOL! OMGG! I was/am so Taeng love sick. Mission accomplished, and we just left. keke

Time for SMTOWN. I bought just-happy-to-be-there tickets this time around, so I ended up all high up, kinda nauseous at first. The concert was a lot of fun! I only wished YoonYul were there and SNSD had a different set list, different than previous ones. Not enough of SNSD! I had fun, screamed a lot! This one girl on the back shrieked my ears off tho.

San Jose

Sunday started off on a horrible note with my new phone dropped in the toilet. It was my fault, so what could I do. Thank god, I still managed to reach my 2 friends who I promised to give Google tickets to. Felt super powerless without a phone.

My friends and I arrived at venue right after landing at 10ish. The lines were already so freaking long! I stood there from 10 to 5…. This time, the sun really burnt both of my arms, it turned into hot pink today!  I had fun talking to this other general kpop fan about school, CA and Kpop. Fans would scream when came the buses with artistes inside. I couldn’t really tell any of them through the window, but I screamed anyway, including the time Simon something passed by. Sorry, I don’t know the guy and girl, thought they were celebrities at first since fans came running to take photos. I screamed for them! Lmao!

We finally made it in the 200 levels, which had pretty good view. KPOP fans are so energetic. Whenever the camera was on us, we would scream like no tomorrow. I hope they caught me on camera, just because I had YURI’s hat on. I didn’t forget you YURI, never did. I screamed out your name both nights. I finally understood the power of SNSD. The moment I saw TAENY I forgot about my stupid phone and everything else. I freakinggggg loveeeeee TAENG’s everything! HAHA! Ahhhhh…. Again, screaming my heck out for everyone, especially my beloved SNSD! It wasn’t perfect as there was only 7 , but hey … Still SNSD!

Overall the trip went well, except the last day was a bit moody. However, I had a blast! Both concerts were just so so so much fun. I couldn’t imagine how epic it would be if YURI were to attend. That just mean, I have to love her double next time? :)

[Fanaccount] SNSD Fansign in NYC 2/2/2012

Finally, I’m fully recovered from NYC trip and shall write a full fanaccount!

Because I had work, I couldn’t fly over to NYC early to attend David Letterman and Live with Kelly recordings. In fact I flew out right after work on Wednesday night, crazy I know! When I reached Gansevoort Park Hotel at 11:30 PM, my friend immediately dragged me to Best Buy to queue in line. “Fans already line up. We gotta go!” They were joking, right? We arrived around midnight and were like # 70 or something already. It was cold, but Sones were pretty civilized. We talked, blasted SNSD’s music, and danced. The couple next to me was all cute, hugging, warming each other up in the cold. Honestly, I was kinda jealous! It was a bummer to learn Jessica left as well. I decided to fly over when I heard confirmation Jessica would make it there. I went for 9. By around 6 AM (Best Buy’s door opened for us), there must had been 1000s of fans outside. Unfortunately only the first 300 received wristbands to enter the fansign.

My friends and I passed out when we returned to the hotel from 8 AM to noon. One time when we got out of the hotel, 1 of the friends forgot something, so we waited in front of our door. Two Asian girls walked toward us and asked… “What you guys doing here?” I was really confused by the question (slow reaction like Sica’s lol) and showed the hotel card… “It’s our room…?” My eyes shifted to the shorter girl next to her. Oh my god! It was SUNNY!!!!!!! She just quietly stood behind the staff member. She probably just got out of shower, her hair was all wet. Ah, the girl was tiny!!! Only then we realized, SNSD’s rooms were on the same level as us!! (Thank you to the oversensitive staff member!) We weren’t sure how to react, so we just left… I got to say the girls were really loud! I could hear them when our door was closed. So typical of SNSD though, youthful and cute!!!

The fansign was daebak! The crowd was a little chaotic in front of Best Buy, but it was understandable. I really wanted to get Yuri to sign on my YulSic’s photobook, but unfortunately Best Buy staff said to use “The Boys” booklet only. The staff was totally friendly and cute. They climbed on ladders to film and take pixs of the girls. I doubt they really knew SNSD in the same way we did, but they got caught up in the moment. It was cute.

Tiffany was the first person to sign, and on from there. OMG! SNSD really made good eye-contact. They really looked directly at you attentively as if they were listening to something very important. It was really sincere, friendly and warm. Technically all of them aren’t very photogenic, they look 100000000000 times prettier in real life. They were glowing! So damn gorgeous, all of them! They all thanked us for being there, but I froze on the spot… lol… To Hyo, I said sorry about hearing her mentee left, she didn’t understand though. haha! She smiled sweetly, so SooYoung saw me all nervous and smiled too… lovely smile and greeting… lol

Since I performed so horribly, couldn’t speak to them right, I decided to ask them for handshake instead. I forgot whether it started at SooYoung or Yoona, I believe YoonA though… I couldn’t remember much what was going on, except their pretty faces…  sorry I was kind of on cloud 9 at the time. But yes, I SHOOK HAND WITH SNSD!!!! Keke!

I remember Taeyeon and Yuri very well though. Taeyeon’s hand was cold, I was sad. :(  I put down a small 3 peas in a pod on the table. She was surprised but chuckled / giggled almost immediately as well. I almost could see her eyes sparkled. Ah… how did it feel… Well, I guess… having a debut and fansign for the first time outside of Korea, and it was also in America, the girls didn’t know what to expect. However, when Taeng saw the peas, I felt as if she recognized that familiarity among the Asian and American fans. Ah peas again… We’re all the same, we love her the same way. I felt as if the peas put her at ease for that one brief moment. That moment was really special to me.

Yuri was the last one… my bias!!!! I didn’t remember if I shook her hand, I don’t think so… I put down a Mickey Mouse wearing Chicago tee. She pointed at it immediately. She asked me something really softly, but I couldn’t understand… It was either… Were you from Chicago or trying to figure out “Chicago” as “O” was a Mickey Mouse’s face, it could’ve confused her. Whatever it was, I told her I came from Chicago. I flooded her with English – random stuff… I like you the most. I can’t wait to see Anna! You’re so pretty! Thank you! Something along that line… she was really warm to me… kept bowing, smiling and thanking and more bowing and smiling, so was I…I had the longest exchange with her… she appeared so grateful… My Yuri was beyond beautiful!!!!!!!!! I ran out the place in excitement that I forgot if I shook her hand, forgot to stay back to wait for them to leave Best Buy…… lmao!!

The friend next to me got a cold stare though. lmao!!! Honestly, I wanted to feel bad for her but it made me felt so good. Hahaha! Sorry! Hahaha My friend saw Yuri more than me as she stayed longer.

Later that night… When my friend and I left for dinner and shopping, I opened the door and 3 people were right in front of my room… I nodded/ slightly bowed to the staff who was on the phone to acknowledge her presence. (If I don’t say “hi,” that’s how I greet people whether I know them or not.)  I saw the back of a girl entering the room right across… It was probably SeoHyun as I later learnt it was her room. I also had a quick look of the girl on the floor. I believe it was SooYoung, but I wasn’t sure for I didn’t want to stare at them.  My friend and I just went on with our personal business.

When we returned and approached the elevator, I saw Hyoyeon, Taeyeon and the staff at the elevator. Hyoyeon didn’t notice us, because she was playing happily on her phone. Man that girl was tiny! Haha! As for Taeng who stood closer to me, our eyes met, we were really calm and collective. I nodded / slightly bowed to greet her, and she politely returned a bow as an acknowledgement… She probably had no idea how hard it was for me to contain my excitement. OMGGG!!! Kim TaeYeon met me at the eyes and greeted me!!! haha! I love her soooo much! I wonder if she recognized me from the fansign. Anyhow, we stood there for a little bit, I remember thinking how she was kind of tall cause of her heels. We could’ve gone up using the same elevator, but we didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable, especially when we shared the same floor. We waited for the next one.

Among my group, I left the earliest … 4 AM on Friday. I had work on Friday. When I left the hotel, one of SNSD’s rooms was still awake. They were chatting all loud too. Was it Yoona preparing for her early flight? I was so tempted to scream “SNSD – I’m leaving!!!” but I didn’t…

Even though I didn’t run to SNSD as much as my friends, the trip was overall a success for me. Yuri always gave me the best fan service, thank you! Jessica is really playing hard to get! Let’s meet next time! Taeyeon has always been my 3rd bias, but I’m in denial, too afraid to love her as YulSic… That means I have to buy merchandises in set of 3, instead of set of 2… hahaha! (3 notebooks, 3 photo cards, 3 caps, 3 Vita bottles, 3 Spao Tees, 3 key chains, you got the point.) I don’t think I can afford Taeyeon… However, my love for Taeng has been growing exponentially the last several months, I don’t think I can resist for long. I just adore her so so so much! Every little thing she does make me happy, ahhh!  Wonderful trip! Thank you SNSD!

[Fanaccount] SMTown in NYC

Just got back to Chicago from NYC. This trip was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!  I got to see Jessica so many times, not so much Yuri. :(

Airport: On Sat, I arrived at the airport around 7 PM to wait for Soshi’s arrival. I totally represented YulSic with my headband. Everyone was asking to take photos and such throughout this whole trip. *Embarrassed* SNSD’s securities are such good actors, they made it as if the girls was really going to come out in the front entrance. Like the earlier groups in the morning and the LA one, the girls came out on the side entrance. We didn’t believe the airport securities as first, thought he did it to trick us, until this angel man screamed, “THEY ARE ON THE SIDE!!!”  or something like that. Didn’t think twice I ran out… I saw Yuri’s back before she got on SMTOWN bus. *Awww* I didn’t have much luck with her this year. I saw Sooyoung, Taeyeon, SeoHyun, HyoYeon, Sunny, Tiffany, anddddddddd JESSICA!!!! OMG I finally got to see her!!!!!!!!!!! Love love love!

W Hotel #1 – Sat Night: My friend and I took the train back to their hotel, so we got there kind of late… The girls already went in. We stayed long enough to see Jessica walking out with her 2 friends!!! My pretty gorgeous!!!!!!! I thought for a second should I chased after her? Should I? Should I? This maybe my only chance to give her the gift. How bad can it be, I ran off and chased after her. Umm… Her walking back looked very sexy. Haha I’m one delusional fan but no totally sexy star walk. She and her friends stopped at the end of the block to catch the cab. She already hopped on the cab when I caught up to them. I gave my YulSic gifts & fanletters to them.  It’s nothing much, just 2 cute message dolls. The messages I wrote were like: “To Jessica…. something cheese… – From Yuri” and the other way around for Yuri. Haha! I went back to meet my friend and left around 1 AM in the morning.

W Hotel # 2 – Sun Morning: I saw Amber the moment I came. I put my hand up for a high 5 and she hit it. Haha! I’m liking that girl now, really cute and fun. I waited 10-3 – cold and hungry. Finally, they come out – Krystal, Amber, Luna, etc. The whole damn bus for 5 people or so? They’re crazy!?!? I like F(x) but not enough for this kind of desperate wait. One failed morning.

Madison Square Garden: The line for the merchandises was longgggggg! I gave up after an hour in the cold and all the walking earlier in the weekend. The concert was great but I really needed an SNSD solo concert with just SNSD and Sones. I just didn’t see enough of them, and majority of the time they stood in the front stage. *Sad* The moment Yuri came to my side, and I could see her face clearly, OMG she took my breath away. Honestly, that moment made my trip. I loveeeeeeeeeeee her!

Korean Restaurant – We got a call from our friend that SMTown arrived at K-Town, so we took the cab there. Again, we joined the fans in line. I saw random stars like Ryeowook, Henry, Amber, Kangta, etc. I didn’t know how long it took but SNSD came out. But they came out! TaeYeon, Seobaby, YoonA, Sunny, Sooyoung, and my baby Jessicaaaaaaaaaaaaaa once again. (Where the heck was Yuri!!! She hid so well.)

The timing was perfect; we got on the cab right when the SMTown bus started moving in front of us. Yes, we were chasing after the bus back to the hotel. We saw them come off. Haha! Then I realized I lost my phone!!!!! The damn cab took $50 before he returned the phone back to me. He read my text and took my Yulsic’s keychain. WTH was he planning to do with it? Creepy.

Fanmeet – Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend any event on Monday. I had to return to Chicago for other commitments.

Overall, New York was a great place for tourists, which I had so much fun traveling in Time Square, Chinatown, Korean Town, Rockefeller Centers, etc. I met up with different group of Sone friends. Then the girls came and all I did was walking and waiting. It was impossible to find them considering the many people, shops, and restaurants. Even if I was lucky enough to pick the right shop, there were so many floors!

Last words to Yuri, can you please not playing hard to get? It’s not good for my heart… I want to see you!

SMTown Vids: Yuri’s sexy back & Jessica performing

It takes me hundred years to upload these videos. haha I just reformatted my comp recently, so I didn’t have any video editor. Short clip of Yuri @ Victoria Secret, don’t kill me over it! It’s just 2 seconds that dragged out longer. The end is my other love, Jessica of course. :D

I tried to follow Yuri. *sigh*

SeoHyun was such an angel.

Back to Chicago, here is Yuri’s autograph!

I was so stupid! haha! When Yuri asked my name, I forgot my own name or YulSic shipper. I said Royal Family. I guess she didn’t know how to spell it. *aigo!* It came so sudden. I don’t know, I was nervous. lolzzz My goddess was right in front of me.

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