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SNSD & Kim Ha Neul in VN

It’s incomplete without Yuri. Education’s first though. Yuri couldn’t go because she needed to  interview for college entrance.

Jessica found the camera again. LOL!
Her hair grew longer in one night, thinking of Yuri often?

Kim Ha Neul didn’t create as much chaos but still receive mucho love.
I got the “Oh Seung Ah” vibe all over again.

Cr: Soshified & Soompi

Kim Ha neul: 7th Grade Civil Servant (Trailer)

I’m glad it’s an action, comedy. Kim Ha Neul looks at Kang Ji Hwan pee? haha!

Kim Ha Neul: Following “On Air” success, “Lovers of Six Year” is receiving attention

After all the successes of “On Air,” Kim Ha Neul’s movie “Lovers of Six Year” caught interest from the film buyers at this year Cannes Film Festival. Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong have all bought the right to show this movie in their countries.

One person in the film crew has shared, “Currently ‘On Air’ isn’t only popular in Korea, but it’s a hot TV drama in various Asian countries. The character Oh Seung Ah once again brings Kim Ha Neul’s name to fame, so the buyers are hoping her popularity will attract more viewers coming to the theatres to watch ‘Lovers of 6 Years.’”

“Lovers of 6 Years” is Kim Ha Neul’s latest movie of which Yoon Kye Sang plays her opposite. The movie portrays a couple who have been dating for 6 years, and problems arise between them. This movie was shown in Korean theatres this past February.

Source: Osen
Viet Trans: Cecil @
English Trans: Kimmie @

Kim Ha Neul’s Jeans Collection (P2)

Woman just changes when she enters her 30, isn’t she? Absolutely stunning!

jeans1.jpg jeans2.jpg jeans3.jpg jeans4.jpg
jeans5.jpg jeans6.jpg jeans7.jpg jeans8.jpg
jeans10.jpg jeans12.jpg jeans13.jpg jeans14.jpg
jeans17.jpg jean18.jpg jean19.jpg
jeans9.jpg jeans11.jpg
jeans15.jpg jeans16.jpg

Kim Ha Neul is hotter than ever! JEANS (4 pixs) & ELLE (60 pixs)

Kim Ha Neul – Looking sexy in Mek Denim Jeans


The global brand – Denim – has invited Kim Ha Neul as the spokesperson for their jeans. In addition, she also takes part in designing this newest jeans collection.

The collection consists of 3 kinds of jeans with separate feels to it, and it includes Taverniti So jeans, Miss Me jeans, and Mek Denim jeans. These are one of the top rated jeans in the America, Japan, and other countries around the world.

Since On Air will be broadcasted in Japan soon, these Kim Ha Neul’s products are expected to be hot in Japan.

Source: Hankooki
Viet Trans: Vivian @
English Trans: Kimmie @

kimhaneuljean.jpg kimhaneuljean3.jpg kimhaneuljean4.jpg


Not enough? Still have more from ELLE photos for On Air.

khnelle19.jpg khnelle14.jpg khnelle15.jpg
khnelle17.jpg khnelle18.jpg khnelle16.jpg
khnelle20.jpg khnelle21.jpg khnelle22.jpg
khnelle23.jpg khnelle24.jpg khnelle25.jpg
khnelle26.jpg khnelle27.jpg khnelle28.jpg
khnelle1.jpg khnelle2.jpg khnelle3.jpg
khnelle4.jpg khnelle5.jpg khnelle6.jpg
khnelle7.jpg khnelle8.jpg khnelle9.jpg
khnelle10.jpg khnelle11.jpg khnelle12.jpg
khnelle13.jpg khnelle29.jpg khnelle30.jpg
khnelle31.jpg khnelle32.jpg khnelle33.jpg
khnelle34.jpg khnelle35.jpg khnelle36.jpg
khnelle37.jpg khnelle38.jpg khnelle39.jpg
khnelle40.jpg khnelle41.jpg khnelle42.jpg
khnelle43.jpg khnelle44.jpg khnelle45.jpg
khnelle46.jpg khnelle47.jpg khnelle48.jpg
khnelle50.jpg khnelle51.jpg khnelle52.jpg
khnelle53.jpg khnelle54.jpg khnelle55.jpg
khnelle56.jpg khnelle57.jpg khnelle58.jpg
khnelle59.jpg khnelle60.jpg

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