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Yuri is too loud~ (Correction)

I told ya, I’m back full time. Apparently my work blocks Twitter now, so I’ve to entertain myself at my site. LMAO!! Sort of trying to learn Korean too… I don’t have much patience or talent to language, so let see how long I’ll last.

More translation from the 1st FanMeeting.

From Tiffany, To Yuri~

Hey! Don’t scold Tiffany for being loud. You’re not that far off! We’re gonna be kicked out from our apartment! Sound of your laughter is huge! And, please don’t make bizarre expression when there are many people! If you do it like that, then I’ll make you do the same thing in front of our fans! I love you. You’re my reflection.

Cr: itnw0628 @ twitter

It turns out this message is from Tiffany. Reflection is a better diction too in comparing to shadow in my opinion.

From YoonA, To Yuri

Yes, you are loud! I couldn’t tell you yet, but I had a hard time in my room because of your loud voice! And don’t get mad, it’s scary. Please be less talkative! And when you get up early, don’t wake me up in a peculiar way! Let’s go out for somewhere! I love you. P.S. We need table, desk lamps, and speaker between our beds!

Cr: itnw0628 @ twitter

Love Yoona’s randomness at the end. LMAO!!

MC YulTi – The end of another era

SNSD Yuri & Tiffany bid goodbye to Music Core last night. Everything came so sudden for me since they were promoted to be MC for MuCore. The put together a simple, yet awesome good-bye stage.

Yuri at a fansigning

OMG, SNSD has been so quiet that I feel so empty. Thank GOD I just read an account from a fansigning, which made my day. I’ll only cut Yuri’s part:

Yuri: “Now…shall we hurry and start the fan signing? ”

Fan signing starts-
Everything is spoken in korea minus tiffany&a bit of sunny

I was pretty nervous. Yuri (my favorite member) was first:

Yuri: ahnyounghaseo! *bows*
me: ahnyounghaseo! *bows*
I hand over my booklet. She see’s my name and says with surprisingly good english

Yuri: “Esther?”
me: “yea! Yuri here’s a present for you” *i give her bracelet and rice cake package*
yuri: “Oh thank you!”
me: Yuri you’re my favorite member, I like you so much! I even have you on my cell phone! *I draw out my cell and show her the official concert cell phone charm of her*
*to my pleasant surprise….she like it….like..alot*
Yuri: “oh……OH! Oh my god that is SO cute!! (어머….이거 진짜 거엽다!)
*I bring it closer to her face so she can see better, and she reaches her arm out towards the chain and stares at it for a good 5 seconds with a fascinated face*
Me: “Do you want it? You can have it!”
Yuri: “haha no thats alright”
me:”haha okay”
*i had more planned to say but of course, i blanked out….@.@ 헐ㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹ*
Yuri: “thank you! *bows*
Me: *thank you! *bows*
(of course the dialogue between me nd myfav member is the shortest, but it cuz i was stunned senseless.)

Yuri and TIffany never really had a chance to look at the crowd or interact with them. The first two people are usually the busiest when it comes to signing events, while the last couple have it easier. But when the line ended and the last few people were at taeyeon and sunny and hyo, yuri and tiffany interacted with the crowd. They waved and pretended they were looking at the crowd with binoculars they were using as their hands.

Ending was epic:

So after the signing was done they got up and came towards the front of the stage.
A girl in the first row yelled “yuri! you’re pretty!” Yuri then flipped her hair back like ‘yes i know’ the crowd erupted in laughter…me of course clapping and guffawing like a madwoman. (when i laugh i clap like tiffany does)

[Cut but Tiffany didn't want to use a mic for it felt uncomfortable talking to fans that way, whereas Sunny wanted to use it anyway and played around with it - putting against her chin. Then what did our Yuri do...]

then OMFG DAEBAK yuri puts her mic on her forehead with the head facing down towards her mouth and says “like the musical” (reference to jessica’s forehead mic)and the EVERYBODY ERUPTS IN A WAVE OF LAUGHTER….IM LMFAO…including SNSD. god yuri’s sense of humor is daebak….i love her so much

As tiffany’s wave of laughter comes to an end, she looks at yuri and says to her “your my hero” and gives her a side hug. (wow 2nd time she says this to yuri….daebak right? for those who know what im talking about…kudos to you tweet me back if u know where this is from) Yuri responds by giving her a sweet smile a side hug back and they stay like that for a while.

Cr: albi-albi-albi / estarburst9 @ soompi

Yuri teases us with Dark Soshi

Yuri sings couple words from it on Music Core. Can’t wait, it’s coming soon next week!

Yuri is back in action!

I love Fany for loving Yuri so much. She was making sure Yuri is ok, I think. Cute!!!!  She blew a kiss to Yuri at the other part too. <333

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